Disappearing Cryptography 3rd Edition

This is the third edition of my book that explores how to hide information where it isn't very obvious.

This new version includes almost everything from the Second Edition and also these new chapters:

  • Synchronization -- How to find the beginning of a data stream.
  • Obfuscation -- How to scramble code so its true meaning is hidden. This is a way that steganography can be quite useful in places where steganography is not usually found.
  • Translucent Databases -- A short version of my book that describes how to build a database that does useful work without holding any useful information in it.
  • Plain Sight -- There are a number of hidden corners in standard formats where information can be squirreled away.
  • For more information see the full Table of Contents .

I'm not selling copies of this version. It's available from these book sellers. (And probably many others too!)

ISBN-10: 0123744792

ISBN-13: 978-0123744791

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