Compression Algorithms -- Errata


Please send along any other errors you find in the book and note
if you don't want me to credit you. In the past, I've paid people
for finding errors. If I launch such a program for this book, I'll
pay you in the future. I usually do this before coming out with a
second edition. Thanks!

  • Page33. 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence. ( Interesting set of 3s)

  • "This a cross between the ..." ----- The word "is" is missing.

    (Thanks to Stephen Johnson)


  • page 77, 2nd paragraph, 4th sentence.

  • "Many programs add the ability to decompression basic files ...
    " change decompression to decompress.

    (Thanks to Stephen Johnson)


  • page 102, last paragraph, 2nd sentence.

  • "This is partial historical." change partial to partially.

    (Thanks to Stephen Johnson)


  • pg. 158, 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence:

  • "... are use approaches classified ..." change 'use' to 'using'.

    (Thanks to Stephen Johnson)


  • "Microsoft... lost a large lawsuit". Tim Bell writes to say that MS never
    officially lost because they declined to appeal.
  • Tim Bell also takes issue using the phrase "often difficult to compute
    perfectly" to describe the Shannon entropy in the first chapter. He argues
    that the entropy is easy to calculate if you have the right model. It's
    coming up with the model that is difficult. This is a good point. While
    it isn't an error, per se, I think his point does a good job of illustrating
    the difference between making a model and computing the entropy.
  • Tim Bell notes that the LZW algorithm fails to decode the case like 'aaaaaaa'
    where the tags are growing as they are encoded.
  • Reference BG90 on page 59 is wrong. (Thanks to Tim Bell)
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