Troop 1000 High Adventure Summer Plans

Canoeing (Lakes in the Adirondacks or the Allagash River in Maine)
Hiking (Adirondack mountains)
Bicycling (Cape Cod)
Do we hike, bike or paddle? Please rank your preferences by dragging the options up and down. Top is your favorite.
Please check all available weeks. Most of the trips are six days, and run Sunday to Saturday. This means that we would drive out of Baltimore on Saturday morning, and return the following Sunday afternoon. There might even be another day on each end, depending on travel time and the like. Heritage is going to be June 21-28th.
Sat July 4 - Sun July 12
Sat July 11 - Sun July 19
Sat July 18 - Sun July 26
Sat July 25 - Sun Aug 3
Sat Aug 2 - Sun Aug 9
Sat Aug 8 - Sun Aug 16
Drag the tiles up and down to rank your choice of days. The check boxes are to show WHEN you can go. This is to show your preference. Push the unavailable weeks to the bottom.
If a father wants to come along, please list his name here.
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