Troop 1000 Summer Camp 2014

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Troop 1000 has traditionally gone to Camp Freedom at Heritage Scout Reservation but there are other choices. Some have suggested exploring Bayport Scout Reservation along the Rappohanock River in Virginia. Please let us know your preferences.
We will use the Notre Dame pool for three weeks in February and one week in March to study for the Swimming and Lifesavings Merit Badges. If there's enough interest, we can offer Scuba merit badge too. We will need at least 6 scouts or parents to contract with the diving instructors. You must be 12 years old for the junior certification and 15 for the full certification. The charge will be approximately $250 for the pool portion. Finishing certification requires an open water dive in the summer. This certification is a requirement for going on High Adventure trips to places like BSA's SeaBase. Please check which merit badge you intend to pursue. In most cases, Scouts will only be able to pursue one.
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